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How To Get Blonde Hair From Black Hair

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Sorry for the longest post I ever made but I felt like it was important to give you all the details. I hope this video and these tips help you achieve the color you desire.  I have had blonde hair off and on for the last 15 years or so and I have found that these items have provided the best results by far!

Tip: don’t touch your scalp and roots. It’ll look natural and your hair will remain intact. :)

Again, this is what I did to get these results. As a disclaimer please go to a professional. Don’t try this at home.

Sorry for the thousands of photos, but like I said, I wanted to give you all the details from beginning to end.  Just remember you don’ t have to go in stages I just did because I was going through different phases.

Another tip: Condition before and after this process so your hair can bounce back! It will not be the same cause you stripped it but at least its still manageable. Blonde hair doesn’t end once you color it. You need to take care of it to keep the brassiness at bay.

Good luck loves!


 Here is an old photo of what my hair dresser bleached my hair to. (2010-2011?)

Here is what I am rocking now 😀


Here are the main items you will need to achieve blonde hair like mine

  • ION Developer 30
  • Loreal Quick Blue
  • Toner -I used Wella T-18 and that appeared to have the best results.   If you want dimension to your roots  then choose something like a demi dye that also tones. I choose to use Argan One N’ Only in Light Ash Brown.  You can also choose a different color such as Light Blonde .. what ever you want your end result to look like.  I am going to go with just regular blonde next since I don’t need to tone anymore.

   From Sally’s Website

The Demi-Permanent Glossing Cream is a multi-functional, non-ammonia color that complements One ‘n Only Argan Oil Permanent Hair Color. Refreshes color, locks in moisture, instantly smooths the cuticle and improves elasticity. Perfect for blending gray or toning double-processed or highlighted hair while boosting shine


Additional items I used:

  • Roots only bottle to touch up my roots to get my hair even
  • Leave in Conditioner from Beyond the Zone Available at Sallys
  • Coconut Oil
  • Agave Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Agave Oil
  • One N Only Restorative Mask
  • Purple Shampoo. I used Blond but I heard Clairol is the best!


Your hair will have to go from Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow and then “white”




I don’t recommend 40. If your hair isn’t dark you might even get away with a 20 Dev.






This was my hair during the holidays

After bleaching the ends

Just a different angle.


 After my cousin and I bleached the middle part. True Ombre

Black Roots.. this is where I began the blonding process. You DO NOT NEED to go in stages. I just did because I was just changing up my look. As you can see the black is gone in one bleach and coloring session.


If you see this.. keep going. I rinsed it out way to early. I was still in that orange stage.  (This is an old photo used as an example)


Here is the final results before the toner. Notice that my black roots are gone. You only need one bleach session of no more than 1 hour. If you need it in longer try two sessions or just live with darker roots. You need your roots to be strong. I planned on having a little bit of black roots like I have now but trying to leave the roots undone would have been too difficult and uneven. So I dealt with lighter roots for two weeks while my new regrowth was coming in.  Don’t have the bleach touch your scalp directly and keep the bleach wet. Put a cap on or foil. I should have left the bleach in for a full hour but I was antsy after 45 minutes. Notice how the hair is a light orange? 15 minutes more and it would have been perfect. I did not use any heat during this lightening process.  If your hair is light enough just choose an ash blonde dye to color your hair. This will work as well. Make sure you pay attention to the base color as this will make a huge difference in what you’re trying to achieve.

Side note: I left the demi color in for about 15 minutes. I didn’t really want to change the color too much I just wanted a little depth and remove brassiness.

Here is my hair after the One N Only Ash Brown. It will have a slight green tinge if your hair is too light and was originally orange. You’ll need a blue base if you have orange hair. The blue base will counteract the orange.  Don’t worry if you did exactly what I did your hair will look a bit darker for two weeks and but the brassiness will be gone!  Basically the demi permanent serves to tone your hair and making it shiny with the argan oil.   This is why I recommend Wella T18 if you want to be straight up blonde! I wanted a little depth to my base and I was experimenting 😀

I only used the One N Only at the roots and then used T18 at the tips. You really don’t have to use both I just wanted a little more depth on top.  If you have one color I recommend going with T18 or a Demi dye that can tone your hair. The problem is sometimes Demi Dyes don’t tell you what the base color is. Look carefully and go with something with a blue-violet base. If you know what you’re doing then Ash works too!


2 weeks after my coloring and this is how my hair looks 😀

Here is the current situation. Blonde blonde blonde..   My roots are still a bit dark because I didn’t leave the bleach in long enough. But if you want to go past the orange stage I recommend leaving in the bleach a bit longer and checking every few minutes. If you have damaged hair please see a professional or just skip this. I am not a professional so I am providing my own experience.  Everyone’s hair is in a different condition so proceed wisely. Also, a strand test is a great way to figure out timing and color options. Sally’s has a great exchange policy too. So look into that when trying out demi coloring 😀

Everyone says don’t overlap bleach and dyes. So keep in mind that if you do color your hair you will need to really take care of it after. Condition the ISH out of it and use a leave in for sure!


Good luck and thanks for watching!





When I had ombre hair



This is what it looks like if you don’t leave the bleach in long enough. If you do bleach your hair twice. TRY to wait at least a week to do it again. Wear a hat or something 😀

Toning your hair will make it look purple-blue. Don’t worry your hair won’t be purple or blue. Just leave it in until its time to rinse.

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