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June 2014



Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask

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Price: $34 for 100ml/3.4oz
Where To Buy: Michael Todd website

-seems like a natural product, unprocessed

-the scent of tomato paste
-seems like something you can make at home

The packaging I received to try was a squeeze tube like toothpaste, it appears to have switched to a pump bottle. The squeeze tube is nice because it’s not entirely a smooth product and may clog a pump.


I was really excited to try something from Michael Todd; seems like people always rave about the line! And I do love a good moisturizing mask. The product copy claims to, “Adds brightness and radiance to the skin and significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” I put it on before a bath and left it for 15-20 minutes. As I applied it, it was more runny than I thought it would be, not too solid but also kind of not a smooth gel puree. Somewhere in the middle. The most overwhelming element was the scent. I did not care for it; it smelled like a can of tomato paste. When I hear pumpkin, I thought it would be more like a pumpkin spice latte. A spicy, creamy pumpkin. This was a raw vegetable, natural, organic type of smell. Like a freshly cut gourd. And the scent lingered the entire bath, I felt it to be overwhelming. My skin type tends to be normal overall but dry seasonally in patches and biggest problems are evenness (redness) and dullness.

After I rinsed though, I was a believer. My skin looked moisturized, glowy and fresh. It looked so good! It was hard to rinse off (it didn’t really harden, just kinda a sludge that doesn’t break down easily and just has to kind of be scraped off) but so worth the effort. I wouldn’t say I have wrinkles or concerns about aging just yet but it does comfort me to think of the vitamins and such preventing further damage.


Overall, I’m not sure I would purchase this because of the high end price tag. It seems like something I could whip up with a Pinterest recipe and might have been too “natural” for my taste. But I loved what it did for my skin.

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