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Josie Maran Escape to Morocco Holiday Hair and Body Beautifiers Set

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Price: $39

Where To Buy: Sephora, QVC has similar (but full sized) sets. Right now, Sephora says it ships free, using code HOLIDAYSHIP  .

-small sizes convenient for traveling or trial sizes
-lots of variety

-no full size products
-expensive for trial sizes

I think this little box is really cute. I love the pink and turquoise color motif and find the packaging for the products cute and low maintenance.

So I have been really curious about Josie Maran’s line for a few years but find the price tag intimidating. Earlier this year, my Sephora sales associates informed me Josie Maran releases kits at Mother’s Day and Christmas time that can be a nice introduction to the brand. I had already missed the Mother’s Day box but looked forward to some holiday sets. While planning my VIB 20% off sale order, I knew I would be looking for a set. I chose this set over the Lights and Brights set because I wasn’t too interested in the makeup side of her line; for me, it was moreso the body care and skin care. Not that I’m NOT interested, just not as interested.¬† So I threw it in my cart and waited for it’s arrival.

I immediately took to the hand creme. I have dry hands from working in the medical field so this was immediately used and tossed into my handbag. The applicator is rounded and comes to a point, like an old-style Vaseline lip balm tube which I like, it’s more controlled than your typical hand creme. It does leave my hands feeling a little overhydrated but in a soft, nice way and has a nice “Vanilla Apricot” (light, sugared peach) scent. Not like I dipped them in vegetable oil, more like I just had a paraffin dip or something. To me, it feels luxe, not slimy. I also immediately had to try the body butter in the Sweet Citrus scent. I was happy to get a budget friendly sampling in this kit. It can feel heavy, so beware when applying and go for a thin layer. Better when using just after a shower or before bed! The Inifinity creme can be used for anything, I have tried it as a primer and as a overnight foot treatment. It’s nice and very moisturizing.

The hair argan oil is as nice as any others I’ve tried; apparently I’m not too discerning. I have used One N’ Only’s (which is super cheap, like $10 at Sally’s) and Moroccanoil. I’ve had a sample of the Josie Maran 100% oil before but used it as facial moisturizer, not in my hair. It’s okay, I’ll use it up but I’m not wowed by it. The 100% oil is a good sample size and I really like it as a light moisturizer at night. It smells spa-like so it might be a little distracting but I like it.

The only other item in the kit is the cleansing oil which I’ve also asked for a sample of at Sephora before. It claims to be a one step product, to remove makeup. You put it on, “massage into a rich milk” (it does get pretty creamy!) and it breaks down everything without leaving your skin dry or tight. Not really. The hunt for the perfect cleanser continues. I never wear waterproof mascara but cleansers seem to have a hard time removing liners and mascaras. This didn’t do a good job at all. If you like cleansing oils, I really like the LUSH Ultrabland. It’s a more solid creamy oil cleanser but the idea is the same. Much better than this Josie Maran. It’s not terrible and if I were wearing natural makeup, it’d probably have an easier time. But it says “removes makeup”. I shouldn’t have to use a separate makeup remover. My skin is left and cleansed. But makeup remains. My two cents.

Overall, I think this is a phenomenal value for the set (even though it is essentially $40 for some samples) and is a great way to introduce yourself to the luxury brand with a more modest price tag. Most of the products are home runs and the ones that aren’t were still okay enough

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