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February 2014



Gloss Gorgeous Lip Stain by Mark Cosmetics

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Price: $11

Where to Buy: Avon Rep or meetmark.com

Pros:  Stains lips and long wearing

Cons: Can be sticky and gloss like

Packaging: Click pen with a brush applicator.

Review: This lip stain is none like I have seen before. I am used to lip stains being liquid only come in one color. When I tried this on my lips I was surprised that it felt more like a gloss and not like a runny mess that you have to put on carefully because it will stain anything that it comes into contact with.  It stained my lips and felt more of a slippery gloss than something that I am just laying on my lips. I felt that it lasted a good amount of time. It was moisturizing at first, but as the day when on, it felt like I need to add a gloss or a lip balm. I did notice that after the stain dried it felt a little sticky especially when I did not exfoliate my lips.

Overall: I felt that is product is ok. I did not feel like it was amazing or over the top bad or good. If you were interested in more of a liquid lipstick type of product than I would recommend this. If it is a stain that you looking for, you might want to try it but I am not sure that this is going to make your top 10.


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