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January 2014



City Color Timeless Beauty Palette (in Grey)

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with flash
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three blushes, L to R


bottom of each trio


with flash


with flash


holographic cover



Price: $9.99 for 12 shadows and three blushes

Where To Buy: online from their shop, citycolorbeauty.com

-drugstore prices
-nice pigmentation
-HUGE mirror, sturdy palette
-cruelty free!

-strange color combinations
-hard to keep colors in their respective pans
-No color labels, like an 88 palette


I love this palette’s outward design! It reminds me of an Urban Decay palette! It’s duochrome-y and holographic, feels sturdy, like a MAC Pro Palette and houses a HUGE mirror. It contains a few brushes that are cheap feeling but can work in a pinch.


The colors are nicely pigmented…I didn’t expect that, though something about the inside of the palette clued me in that this was a less expensive palette than a high end brand. For $10, though, I feel your money would be well spent. There are four eyeshadow trios ranging from matte black to matte white. Colors vary in consistency, some are shimmery, some are satin; some feel chalky, some glide on smoothly and velvety. I also wonder how they decided which colors would be in this palette. Some are so similar (the two turquoise greens? The two purples, two peaches) to other eyeshadows or blushes it seems like maybe the trios came first, then were combined in the palette. I didn’t see trios on their website but maybe these are their best selling colors? They seem haphazard and definitely more dramatic than other palettes I’ve seen. Something about them seems a little childish or gaudy. For as natural and wearable as the blushes are, the eyeshadows stand as a stark contrast, having an 80s or 90s feel to them.

The palette is listed on their website as “glamorous” and is supposed to give you “day and night styles”. The gold palette (their other option, also $10) is very beachy and bronzey with tons of neutrals and feels much more wearable than this palette. I love all three blushes and could wear any of them as an everyday blush but the eyeshadows are a bit more specific to certain looks.

My only other gripe is that the colors don’t stay in their pans. It’d be nice if this was a two-layered palette, where the blushes pulled out from under the shadows. Or maybe the eyeshadows had some kind of plastic barrier from the blushes.

Overall, if you’re looking for some unusual colors and need a few wearable blushes, go for this palette. If you’re seeking a go-to palette for everyday use, keep looking.

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