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December 2013



Shhh there is a Scandal going on… Scanda-Lash by Mark Cosmetics

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Price:  11$

Where to Buy:  Avon Rep or meetmark.com

Pros: Clump proof and color

Cons: Flakiness

Packaging: Mascara Tube with a pinkish gold top in the color Violet


Review: I am always game to try new mascara. So there was no surprise that I was super excited to try this one. This is in the color violet.  Right now there is a trend with colored mascara. So it was cool that I am trying the purple. Which is supposed to be good for Green and Brown eyes.  I have to say that the color is pretty. It is more of a dusty cool toned purple. Un lucky for me, this did not work as well as I have seen on other people. It would show up in the day light but once it because dark you could not see it. The other thing that I noticed is that it started to flak after a few hours.

Overall:  If you want to try color mascara you should give this one a whirl. It is that not best one out there, but it will give you a boost of color especially for green eyes.


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