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December 2013



Fill those pores with NYX Pore Filler

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Price: $4.99

Where to Buy: Ulta, Target and NYX.com

Pros: smoothing skin

Cons: pealing if skin is not properly managed.

Packaging: small white squeeze tube.

Review: This feels like every other product out there that is like a slick silicone feeling primer. This is supposed to be a little different than that. This is supposed to be focused on the pore and trying to minimize them. On my skin I have huge pores around the nose and cheeks. So there is where I mainly used this product. I felt at first that it looked ok, my face felt soft and smooth. When I went to put on my foundation no matter if it was liquid or powder it seemed to peal on my face. I wasn’t sure why it was happening to me, I tried it with a different skin care routine. That seemed to help. I don’t really feel like it hid my pore all that well, it worked for a few hours but after 3-4 hours you can see my pores and on days that I wore powder I felt my pore looked worst.

Overall: It is not that I do not like this pore filler, but I feel that this is for someone that does not wear a lot of make up and just want something to put on there face just to give them a flawless look without foundation. I maybe would recommend this for someone who is just stating in make up and maybe does not want to use foundation yet.


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