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November 2013



The most talked about beauty tool…The Beauty Blender

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Price: Cleanser $17.95 Blender $19.95

Where to Buy: Sephora, Ulta

Pros: Places make up on flawlessly and the cleaner gets it clean.

Cons: Price

Packaging: The blender is a pink egg shaped sponged. The cleanser is in a clear bottle.

Review:  So this product has been around forever. I have always wanted to try it but I have just never got around to get it. The blender helped the product spread on like butter.  I did not feel like the foundation was just sitting on top of my face.  I don’t really feel like it was all that amazing. It just another tool to help people blend the foundation or the product of choice on your face.  The cleaner was good. It took off the foundation like it supposed to, but I am not sure if 3 fluid oz for 18 bucks is work it, I have never been one to buy the cleaner that is made of that product but this also works for brushes, so I guess it is not a total loss.


Overall: So after years of waiting to try this I have mix feelings. I feel that is good but I am not sure if I would buy another one because of the price alone. I feel that is really steep for a sponge. I feel that you can use a less expensive sponge and use it damp to get the same effect.  The Blender cleanser on the other hand, I am not going to say that you need it for you to get your blender clean. You can use any other cleaning agent that you used to clean your brushes to get the blender.


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