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November 2013



Haute Gel Polish in Serendipity

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Price: $10 for .35 oz
Where to Buy: Amazon, well-appointed grocery stores

-can be used with any LED light
-priced comparably to other brands
-nice neutral, work appropriate

-very sheer, not intensely pigmented

Packaging: this polish is pretty standard. Nothing special (or wonky) about the brush. In the bottle, this is a taupe. It can vary in lighting from a beige, to grey, to purple, to taupe. It’s a very versatile, interesting color and I don’t have anything like it in my collection. No shimmer. Very glossy, very sheer.


I decided to try Haute polish at the recommendation of a friend who insisted you only need one light for any gel polish, despite wattage. I was skeptical but curious so I picked up a few Red Carpet polishes at Ulta and this Haute shade just to see what would work with my Sensationail light that I already own. In terms of application, I followed the instructions for the Sensationail system exactly (cleansing and everything!) to get the best manicure results. Surprisingly, this works with all three brands!

There were positives and negatives to this color. I loved how glossy it was, with my Sensationail top coat (I wasn’t really impressed with it before but it really seemed to shine with the Haute polish). And it was pretty affordable for a gel polish ($9.99 at Fred Meyer). I’m not sure I’ll purchase any more Haute polish because of the sheerness of the shade. I’ve never had to do three coats on my nails with gel. Because it was so sheer, I tended to go heavier on my coats, so it was harder to cure, meaning my manicure peeled off in sheets after a week. A week of wear is good, maybe not so much for gel. I don’t fault Haute for that. I’m sure my coats were too thick. But I do fault them for such a sheer shade. The upside of this is it might be the perfect squishy jelly to use in a glitter sandwich manicure. However, I just wanted a nice, work appropriate neutral taupe. This was too sheer for me.

I loved the shade in the bottle, found it to be ok on my nails (though not what I wanted) and didn’t feel a burning desire to redo the manicure when it started peeling up. The closest thing I have in my collection to it is a China Glaze polish from the Colors from the Capital collection called Hook and Line but it is definitely a shimmer and covers a bit better. Even with three coats, I could still see visible nail line where the whites of my nails are at the tips with this Haute polish. Not a huge fan but it wasn’t a complete fail.

Overall, the hunt for a gel taupe continues.

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