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November 2013



DIY Miley Cyrus Cosmo Dress/Top

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DIY Miley Cyrus Cosmo Top Shirt Dress (3)
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Post your recreation and use #DIYpb so I can see it on instagram 😀

DIY Miley Cyrus Cosmo Top Shirt Dress (1)


  1. Crystals or Rhinestones
  2. E6000 Glue since it is washable
  3. Toothpicks and Tweezers
  4. Paperplates and paper towels
  5. Shirt of your choice


  • Sort out all of your crystals
  • Put a piece of cardboard or paper plate on the shoulder portion of your shirt
  • Place a few on the sleeve of your shirt to get an idea of how you want itTwo Techniques to gluing
    1) Place glue directly on shirt
    Paint Glue on shirt
  • Squirt glue onto the paper plate and using a toothpick spread the glue on the shirt. Work in small sections.
  • Press the stones firmly onto the shirt
  • Occasionally lift your shirt to make sure it is not glued to the cardboard
  • Use your toothpick to move the stones around to the desired position.
  • Make sure you spread the glue evenly so the entire stone is glued down
  • Another technique is to apply glue the shirt directly. I prefer this method because it is faster.
  • Here is a tip: every so often use rubbing alcohol on the nozzle to remove dried up glue
  • Repeat these steps on the other shoulder
  • Now move the shirt a bit and glue stones to the shoulder cap area
  • Lift the glued areas off the cardboard to ensure that nothing is glued together.
  • Let this dry over night.1) Try Your shirt on
    2) Make note where you want the front stones
    Place magazine or cardboard between the front and back of the top
  • Lay out your favorite large stones on the front of the shirt
  • Apply glue directly onto the stones and place on to the front of your shirt
  • Continue to fill in the gaps with smaller stones
  • Roll a paper towel and tuck into both sleeves
    Glue down some stones onto the sleeves. Get creative and have fun.
  • Add some accent sparkles
  • Repeat this on the other side
  • Peel everything away from the cardboard and paper towels. Or  peel to reveal a new sheet from the magazine.
  • Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. Try it on and make any add-ons if needed.

DIY Miley Cyrus Cosmo Top Shirt Dress (2)

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