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Katy Perry Roar DIY Costume

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Video is now up. 😀

Have a great and safe Halloween!!


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You Will Need Total Cost Under $20
•    Flowers $5 (Use those coupons!!)
•    Hot Glue gun and a lot of glue
•    Paint if you are painting your flowers (colorful flowers will cost more)
•    Headband (Free I reused an old one)
•    Bra or Tanktop $4
•    Puff paint $1
•    Felt Squares in greens and colors for the flowers (5 for $1)
•    Leaves Leaves $5 (Use those coupons!!)
•    Ribbon $1 a roll

•    Begin by removing the flowers from the stem.  Cutting close to the flower is best. But makes sure it doesn’t unravel.

•    Prepare your paints if you are planning on painting them

•    I am using airbrush paint because that is what I have at home.  Paint the front side of the flower.  For a two tone effect use colors in the same family

•    Paint your final flowers

•    Set them aside to completely dry

•    Let’s decorate your top. This doesn’t have to be decorated but i wanted to add to this top.

•    Using gold puff paint follow the pattern on your top. Or even create the pattern if you don’t already have one.

•    Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just creative and fun.

•    Gently press the glitter down. You don’t want 80’s puff paint style designs.

•    Put this aside. Let the glitter dry before wearing

•    Take out all your green felt pieces. You will need 3 pieces for every 12 inches. Measure your waist and go from there. For example a 24 inch waist will need about 6 pieces.  36 Inch waist will need about 9 pieces but of course it will depend on how full you want it to be.

•    Cut each felt pieces into 3 strips. It doesn’t have to be exact.

•    Visualize the leaves and your skirt.

•    Begin cutting the leaves shape.

•    Fold the felt in half and cut from the middle to the ends. This will give you a sharper end

•    Continue till completed

•    Keep the edges jagged for a natural feel. Or you clean it up but it really doesn’t matter

•    Next remove leaves from the branches.

•    Peel away the stems from all the leaves.

•    Now take your ribbon and measure this around your preferred waistline or below.

•    Leave extra on both ends to tie. Or you might be sharing this with frends and family too.

•    Carefully seal the ribbon ends

•    Remember where you want the leaves to end and mark it end to end

•    Lay out all your felt leaves in the order you want to glue them in. Make sure it fits end to end.

•    Place a paper towel under everything and begin to hot glue the leaves down. Don’t worry if its not pretty. You will conceal it later.

•    Now place the other leaves on top of the felt ones.

•    Save two large leaves for later

•    Glue these down

•    Try on your leaf skirt for fun

•    This is where the larger leaves will go

•    Next conceal the ugly part with another layer of ribbon. It doesn’t have to be end to end just hide the top of the leaves you glued down.

•    This is optional but I find it better because having silk flowers rub on your tummy is not fun

•    You will need to cut out these two basic shapes. They are basically petals with a middle attachment. Feel free to get creative because it doesn’t matter anyway.

•    Work in layers and use scraps when you can.

•    Cut a diamond shape for ease and round out the sides later.

•    Glue the flower in layers together

•    Pinch and glue the middle together. Then apply glue to the other inner petals and pinch together. Be careful not to burn yourself

•    Make more and have fun!!!

•    Pull out your leaf skirt and glue down the large leaves in front

•    Take your felt flowers and arrange them where you want them. I wanted them on the side like Katy Perry’s

•    Move your skirt to a quiet spot where no one will touch it

•    Take your glittery puff paint and apply it to the leaves. Then take your finger and smear down the glitter.  This glitter will not get all over because it is covered in glue.

•    Now that your flowers are dry. Take out your headband and begin arranging it

•    Glue the flowers onto your headband

•    I am using a headband because I plan on wearing this as a crown

•    I glued the orange flower a bit higher for dimension

•    Finish it up

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