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October 2013



DIY Lady Bug Costume

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DIY Lady Bug Costume how to new sew (7)
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For this Lady  Bug Costume you will need:

  • Any preferred Red Outfit
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Headband
  • Black Pipe Cleaner and Cute Socks
  • Black and Red Pom Poms and Felt
  • And Lady Bug Wings


Let’s Dot The Dress

  • Using 3 circular items begin to trace them onto the felt. I used my old white eyeliner pencil.
  • Keep them close as possible to maximize your felt
  • Cut out the dots
  • Bring out your red outfit to begin gluing
  • Place a piece of cardboard between the fabric to avoid gluing it together.
  • Remember to place them strategically. You don’t want anything funny.
  • Hot Glue your dots and don’t use too much glue.
  • Finish your dots and clean up any glue strings after.

Time to work on your antenna

  • Take 6 black pipe cleaners out. Use 3 per side.
  • Begin braiding three together from end to end
  • I am using an hold headband. Using a piece of felt will help decorate and hide the old glue.
  • The felt may not reach the end but at least my ugly old glue is concealed
  • Hot Glue it along the headband. Stretch it out a bit to keep it taunt.
  • Next take your antenna and put it onto the headband
  • Repeat this on the other side
  • Next make sure they are even
  • Now twist the pipe cleaner all the way up
  • Split your red pom pom and apply glue to the middle. Stick your pipe cleaner inside. Hold it still for a few seconds.
  • Now take your felt and cut a rectangle to the size you want your bow to be
  • Fold your felt back and forth
  • Using a piece of thread to secure the bow
  • Apply some hot glue and add a black pom pom on top
  • And finally apply a bit of glue to the antenna and place the bow on top

Let’s Add Bows on the Socks Now

  • Cut two identical rectangles from the piece of felt
  • Fold both into a fan like before
  • Secure by wrapping thread around the bow
  • Apply hot glue and your black pom pom
  • Before gluing onto the socks make sure you know if you want them on the back, side or front.
  • Slip a piece of cardboard between the socks. Apply glue and press the bow down. Repeat this on the other side.
  • And last glue on some goggly eyes on your lady bug wings for fun.

And you are ready!!


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DIY Lady Bug Costume how to new sew (2)


DIY Lady Bug Costume how to new sew (1)


DIY Lady Bug Costume how to new sew (3)


DIY Lady Bug Costume how to new sew (4)


DIY Lady Bug Costume how to new sew (5)












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