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DIY Mermaid Costume (Ariel The Little Mermaid How To)

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DIY Mermaid costume DIY ariel little mermaid costume (5)
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DIY Mermaid costume DIY ariel little mermaid costume (5)

You will need the following for this

  • A circle template for the seashells
  • Sequins
  • Scissors and safety pin
  • Hot glue gun and a lot of glue
  • Bra, tank or top
  • At least one yard of fabric
  • 3 different colors of tulle 1 yard of 2 colors and 2 yards of one color

DIY Mermaid costume DIY ariel little mermaid costume (1)



DIY Mermaid costume DIY ariel little mermaid costume (2)




DIY Mermaid costume DIY ariel little mermaid costume (4)
Bra top

  • Let’s begin by tracing the circles on the felt. Make sure this is bigger than what you want since we are going to be reshaping it.
  • Cut out the circles
  • Now cut them in half as we are going to make our shells two toned
  • Square off the edge. Think of this as making two sideways cupcakes
  • create the scallops for the top
  • glue these two pieces together. Trim off any excess
  • Fold, pinch and glue the inner part. Sometimes its easier to do it from the back side of the shell
  • Glue the shells to the top. Try the top on first to make sure you are gluing in the right spots
  • Make sure you only glue in a few areas to keep the integrity of the shells
  •  Glue on some sequins, rhinestones or sand.. whatever you want
  • Using some Gemtac glue down the sequins. This came from Michael’s for $1 a spool
  • Dip the toothpick into clear polish then pick up the sequins. This will make it a lot easier.


Take your sparkly fabric and wrap it around you like a sarong. I picked this up for $3.99 a yard at Joanns.
  • Figure out when you want the “V” to be and mark it
  • Cut the “V” and then follow with scallops to the end. By making it higher it will be easier to walk.
  • Try it on again to make any adjustments
  • Take Tulle #1 and fold it the long ways. Cut it in thirds. When you roll it out it should still be a yard.
  • Take Tulle #2 again fold it the long ways. Cut this in half.
  • This is the hardest part. But its simple if you follow the tips.
  • First apply glue to the fabric at the V section. Let it get tacky and cool a bit. Then press the tulle down into the glue. Don’t touch the glue. Use a stick or apply pressure to the surrounding area.
  • Fold the tulle over so that you make the V part full with the tulle.
  • Glue a straight line along the scallops. Again, let the glue get tacky and cool a bit before pressing the tulle down. If there are any parts that stick up just glue through the tulle from the top.
  • Use one tulle per side and the last one for the V
  • Take that last short tulle and glue it in the front V part to make it fuller
  • Now repeat with the second sized tulle. Layer this on top of the others. Work from the front to the back.
  • Do this on the other side with the other tulle. This will give you a split in the front when you keep the tulle separate from each side.
  • Finally glue the longest pieces one on each side.
  • Cut two strips of felt for the front. This will conceal the tulle, glue and make it a bit more structured
  • Apply glue to the tulle and the top of the tulle. Firmly press down the felt on both sides.
  • You can cut the top to make it easier to tie but I prefer it like this for a fuller bow knot.

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