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September 2013



L’oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm

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Price: $6 or so, depending on where you buy

Where To Buy: Drugstores, Ulta

-not a heavy scent that lingers
-does what it says

-protein content makes it unsuitable for daily use


I had read some reviews on this product before I purchased it and one complaint was that it comes in a tub, where it might have been better suited to a squeeze tube or pump jar. Personally, I don’t mind that it’s in a tub. I like that I can scoop out as much as I need (and with long hair, that’s a lot) and not have to keep squeezing or pumping. And I hate when you get near the end and can’t access all the product. So I don’t mind the packaging. I like that your fingers can get to all the product. You get 8.5 oz for around $6 (I think I paid $5.99 at Target) which is enough for at least 6 treatments, maybe up to 10?

Review: I used this last night after using a regular shampoo (I used a sample of the L’oreal Total Repair 5 shampoo, it just so happened). I left it in, as advised, for 3-5 minutes (I was probably closer to 3 because the water was running). My hair dried as I watched a movie and I put it into a braid to sleep. This morning, I woke up with the healthiest hair I’ve had in a long time. It not only looked normal (without any products or styling), it felt soft and “repaired” too. This product promised to “repair up to one year of damage in one use”. I have to say, I think it delivered on the promise! I have color treated, damaged hair that has gone from straw-when-dry, gooey-when-wet to almost healthy again! Now, it could be because of any of the other treatments I’ve used (anything from mayonaise and olive oil to coconut oil to Moroccanoil deep repair masque) or it could just be because it’s a new product for my hair but this product definitely ranks in my top 3 ,surprisingly enough. The scent is lightly floral and does stick with you but isn’t overpowering.

I will continue to use this product once or twice a week. My hair almost feels ready to color treat again! I’ve delayed because it’s been so damaged. I hope my hair doesn’t get “used to” it and stop showing such positive results.  I’m also interested to try it as a leave-in where I leave it in for hours and apply heat or sleep with it in (and a sleeping cap).

Overall, the reviews really vary on this product but I think the people who don’t like it that much don’t have super damaged hair. For super damaged hair, this is worth trying for $6. If it doesn’t work, keep your receipt and return/exchange it!

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