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August 2013



up&up nail polish remover dip-it

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Price: $2.50 or so for a 9 oz tub

Where To Buy: Target

-no messy cleanup
-no cotton balls or q-tips

-did not perform as advertised

This big tub of acetone comes with a ring of scrubby brushes to remove polish in a snap. The outer label says, “maximum strength, removes gel nail polish, glitter & artificial nails. Delete and repeat.” It’s acetone so it’s pretty smelly but I haven’t experienced any issues with leaking the way I do with big bottles of Beauty Secrets’ acetone. So packaging gets an A from me.

I bought this specifically for removing glitter polish; I find the foil method annoying and tedious. This says right on the side it’s designed to remove glitter polish. It doesn’t. I can remove regular polish in 10 scrubs or so. After 25-30, my glitter polish still hadn’t come free and I ended up just picking the last grains off. It removed about 90-95%, I guess. Although it was easier than the foil method, it was not easy and I prefer to not spend that much time in acetone. If it’s maximum strength, I want to spend as little time with it as possible. Also if you have any tiny cuts or anything, beware, this is essentially a big bowl of acetone so it’s hard to control where it gets and doesn’t get on your skin. And if it can’t get glitter polish effortlessly, I doubt it’s gonna do any better with gel or artificial nails.

Overall, this remover works just fine for polish but it didn’t meet my expectations for glitter polish. For removing polish, stick with your regular bottle of remover. It’s cheaper and easier to control. DSC_1059 DSC_1058

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