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August 2013



I seriously lurve this guy @beautybydchinchilla . I met him a few weeks ago and he and I instantly hit it off. He has talent that is always on point And a sense of humor sharp as a tack. Follow him and tell him @elessajade sent you over to IG stalk him. You'll learn a lot of celeb make up tips and tricks fo sho!! Folow@beautybydchinchilla Pictures jacked from his page. Wahaha

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I follow a lot of amazing guys and dolls on IG but there are a few that I MUST share. I'd like to start with @berry_wendy . She is gorgeous and really knows how to contour. I love contouring with foundation for brides because it melts together flawlessly. So when I saw this photo I had to share. She is sweet, pretty and has a great page. Check her out!!! @berry_wendy