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July 2013



Lol baby Coconut Oil and Big Daddy Coconut Oil. Of course it's from Costco.

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Just did my hair . These pics were taken within the last hour so you won't see a styled look till tomorrow. I needed to do my hair because the roots were black and my hair faded to orange I decided to use @lorealparisusa Hi Color in Ash Blonde with a 30 developer. Left that on for about 45 minutes. Then to fix my brassiness I used Wella Toner in lightest ash blonde 18 with a 10 developer. Left that on for 15 minutes and now my hair is pretty again . I'm not a hair stylist I just did what the nice lady at Sally's told me. Good thing I like experimenting with my hair. Hope this helped fellow dark haired gals to achieve light sunny hair