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May 2013



L’oreal Miss Candy Gelle Drop nail stickers

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Price: $10 , look for deals

Where To Buy: Drugstores, I found mine on a Limited Edition display at Walgreen’s. I didn’t see them readily available online. Good luck!

-NOT polish strips
-good variety of sizes

-not long wearing for me
-limited edition



This is probably my favorite nail sticker I’ve ever tried. It’s NOT a polish strip, so you can open up the package and just pick out one sticker for an accent nail and save the rest for later, which is how the model displayed the stickers on the little promo board. It’s a flat package of stickers, 9 sizes, 2 of each. No file is enclosed and you will need one. I also used cuticle trimmers to apply mine.


Initially, I LOVED how these looked. I got a lot of positive feedback at work on my Facebook about how cute and professional they looked.

Application was simple enough, I did find the file method to be ineffective. I had to actually trim the stickers with a blade to get them to file-able length. They wouldn’t file and lay flat at the same time with my short-ish nails.

The way I wore them is like this: thumbs, just clear polish and the nail sticker. Index: two coats of L’oreal Color Riche in Berry Nice and nail sticker, middle finger Butter London Mollycoddled, ring finger one coat Berry Nice and nail sticker, pinky tip only Berry Nice one coat.

I put these on on Friday morning and by Saturday afternoon, they were peeling and showing tip wear. It’s not the fault of the polish or the sticker; I’m really hard on my hands. I work in the medical field so I’m using Purell about 60 times a day and handwashing 10 times a day, at least. I never wear gloves to do the dishes. I’m rough on my hands.

Overall, I LOVED how these looked, enough to pick up an extra set (they are limited edition) from my local Walgreen’s. I think they’re perfect for a fun occasion out where you aren’t looking for durability but want something unique. They’re totally user friendly, no special skills required. You just stick the right sized sticker on your nail and trim/file it down to fit. They reminded me of those Starlight Mints you get from bulk bins. What fun!


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