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May 2013



DIY (HowTo) Flower Crown / Flower Halo

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DIY (HowTo) Flower Crown / Flower Halo
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You will need the following

  • Flowers
  • Loose Flowers, optional but cheaper
  • Glue Gun
  • Felt
  • Stretch Headbands, Thinner ones are comfy but harder to work with
  • Puffs or something to protect from Glue overflow

Let’s Begin

  1. Carefully remove backing from flowers
  2. Cut felt strips for the larger flowers. Make sure they are wide enough
  3. Remove flowers from bouquet
  4. Trim Flowers off stems
  5. Layout the larger flowers and determine the arrangement
  6. Hot glue flowers onto hair band
  7. Glue the felt leave underneath
  8. Layout your accent flowers prior to gluing
  9. Hot glue accent flowers to headband
  10. Continue to add any filler flowers if needed.

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