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April 2013



HOW TO OMBRE ALL OVER (My Almost Ombre Brown-Blonde Summer Hair)

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Quick hair notes…
1) Loreal Ombre on hair from ears to ends

Then the following month… (only because I wanted to lighten my hair for the Summertime)
2) Mix One and Only in Ash Blonde with 30 developer ( there’s a rebate now at Sally’s.. so you can get this hair dye for free LOL)
3) Used this mixture on my hair close to roots (but not the actual roots yet) then I did my actual root area (this part is closer to the head so heat will activate the color faster and lighten your hair FAST)
4) Left this on for 1 hour
5) Next, I wet my Loreal brush with a LITTLE water (toothbrushes works too) and vertically brushed downward into lighter blond area. Add product if needed. Make sure that it is not even horizontally or you will get a straight line like the girl on the Loreal box.  Repeat this all over the head. Let this sit for 15 minutes or until color is desired.
6) (Optional) Once everything has been rinsed out…On towel dried hair I added toner with a Violet Base. I also used a 30 developer. I was too lazy to use my 10. :\  Waited for 15 minutes and rinsed out my hair.

My base color was black-brown roots and brassy brown hair 😀
Good luck!

I use to do my own hair from middle school-college. Occasionally I would treat myself to a professional dye.Then after college I had it done by a wonderful hair dresser every 6 weeks. But I am back to doing it myself the past 6 months:D  I moved far away from her so I couldn’t come back as often as I wanted to :(








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