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April 2013



Eyeko Skinny Mini duo

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Price: $25
Where To Buy: Eyeko

-nice introduction to the brand without a huge commitment or pricetag
-simple color choices

-quite pricey for what you actually get
-eyeliner requires skill

Packaging: I have to divide the two items here. The packaging for the eyeliner is easy and utilitarian. The mascara is in a soft squeeze tube which I happen to dislike. It’s a nice idea that you can squish the product around to get it on the brush and not have it cling to the bottom of the tube but I personally do not like squishing mascara around. It reminds me of Gogurt.

Review: The mascara is good, if a little wet. I tend to prefer more dry formulas. A wet formula can smudge or make my lashes look too clumpy. This was pretty good. For the price, I would not purchase this but I did use it and found it to be on par with other high end mascaras, it just wasn’t the dramatic, lengthening mascara I tend to prefer (Diorshow and Smashbox Hyperlash would be two of my favorites). This reminded me of Benefit They’re Real, volumizing and defining.

As for the eyeliner, I don’t want to say I hated it, but it really wasn’t for me. It’s a super jet black, true black that I loved. I loved how precise the point was. However, when I lined my eyes (I don’t usually spend that much time, just a few quick strokes) I found I had a gap between my lashes and where the liner was, because it was such a fine line. It was pretty difficult for me to get a thin, smooth line that was gapless. I loved the color but found it discouraging how skilled you needed to be to get this to appear smooth and thin. This is my preferred eyeliner style (the liquid ink pen) but I learned I prefer a thicker line to a thinner one.

Overall, I am impressed with the quality of Eyeko, I just wasn’t a huge fan of these two particular products.

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