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April 2013



Does your hair need volume? Try Redken Aerate 08 Volumizing cream

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Price: $16-17 depending on location

Where to Buy: http://www.redken.com (check Redken site for a store near you.)

Pros: Lightweight, smells great, non sticky, gives great volume

Cons: fragrance lingers, cannot add any other products.

Packaging: It’s a light gray container with a light grey lid. This contains 2.3 oz

Review: I was super intrigued by the texture of the product. It’s not really a mouse or a cream. It is a really airy consistency but yet really dense. I also think that it has a gel like feel to it. It really crazy but I like it. On my hands it did feel a little sticky but once it got into my hair it did not leave a sticky residue. It felt really good on my hair. My hair is thick and course. I still lose volume if my hair is weighed down with a lot of products. I used it before I blew dried my hair. I let it sit and soak in for about 5-10 minutes just to make sure that it really absorb into my hair. At that point it still did not feel sticky and my hair felt really soft. For me the test is while I am blow-drying my hair. While I was drying my hair it did not feel sticky or even leave a residue. It stayed soft to the touch, stiff or stringy. It really helped the volume stay in my hair even with heat styling. The next day my hair kept the volume and softness, which for my hair is hard to do. I would be carful if you have super fine hair. I would recommend only using this product on the roots of the hair and not on the ends. That might weigh it down. The next time I used this cream I tried to use this with a serum to help with ends and with that mixture it became sticky to me.

Overall: I really like this styling cream. It is a unique product. I feel it really does what it supposed to do. The fragrance of this does stay on the hair for a few days, which is good, but some times it can be a little bit much. If you need some volume and texture to your hair I would recommend this product.

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