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March 2013



Lash Act Mascara from Meet Mark

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Price: $12

Where to Buy: Meetmark.com or your AVON Rep

Pros: Concept & Formula

Cons: Can Dry/Flake up

Packaging: Standard Mascara Tube. What makes this mascara stand out, is that the wand is what gives you length or volume with a twist of the top.  It comes it 2 colors. Black, Purple and Brown/Black. Brown/Black is in Photo.

Review: If you have wanted to try the mascaras out there has a dual wand this might be the one to try.  With the twist of the wand you can get length or volume. I love this concept because it is like having 2 mascaras in 1. It is such a time saver. The formula is really easy to work it. It builds nicely and does to leave lash looking clumped up.  I am a sucker for concepts like this. I have average lashes, not to thick and an ok length. But just like everywhere out there you always want to have thicker fuller lashes.  I did not however that as time went one while I wear it, it because dry and even flaked a little. Not very much but is enough that noticed.

Overall: I think if you are looking for an inexpensive version of the other mascaras out there that claim to give you length and volume but the twist of the wand, I think this should be in the running. I feel that it did want it says it does. Which is good. Try it for your self, maybe you have found your “Holy Grail” mascara.


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