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February 2013



Z-Palettes from www.lecosmetique.com :) Photos & Review! these are amazing!

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Hey Pursebuzzers :)
Today’s featured products are Z-Palettes, which can be purchased from www.lecosmetique.com!

Dome Z-Palette, retails on the site for $25 :)

This Z-Palette packaging, called the “dome” palette can be used for make-up that tends to not have a flat design, for example, most baked products are not flat, like my Urban Decay bronzers. They would fit perfectly in here!

Pro Leopard Z- Palette- retails on the site for $25 :)

 These are my http://limecrimemakeup.com/ (Lime Crime) eyeshadows that are usually sold in purple tin cans, however due to the lack of space in one of my MUA kits, it was more convenient for me to remove these eyeshadows from those palettes. As you can see, the great thing about these Z-Palettes is that you can depot eyeshadows from a large packaging, & add them to your Z-Palette, which is less bulky. These palettes will save you space, tons of space! What is also great about these palette is that you can see what’s inside of them, without having to open it up, perfect for freelance make-up artists, and everyone else too! I have many fellow MUA’s tell me that they color code them. They put neutrals (browns, tan, beige) in one palette, pinks & purples in one, blues & green in one, etc. However, I won’t be doing that for a while :)

Love the sleekness!

I could definitely fit about 20, maybe more Lime Crime or MAC sized eyeshadows in this palette :)

Overall, I recommend that you try out these lovely Z-Palettes :) They have the strength of a plastic palette, yet are made of eco-friendly recyclable materials that will not crack or break. The Z-Palettes hav a clear see-through cover & an open magnetic base to fit any size shadow, blush, bronzer and foundations. This is the perfect way to organize make-up! The empty palettes do come with about 20 stickers for you to write the names of shadows before adding them to the palette!

** If you’re a make-up artist, Le Cosmetique offers a pro make-up discount, you can save up to 30% of make-up, products & supplies! check it out @ http://www.lecosmetique.com/Makeup_artist_discount_s/53.htm :)

PROS: sturdy, you can see the colors without opening the lid, & pretty packaging!
CONS: none! 


varies based on size & the site you purchase from!
i recommend http://www.lecosmetique.com/ (: they have great customer service!



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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