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February 2013



Eve Pearl Lip Gloss in Striptease

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Price: $20

Where to Buy: evepearl.com

Pros: Color & Texture

Cons: Smell

Packaging: Clear squeeze tube with black lid. There are 4 colors in type of gloss. Check website for the selection. In photo is Striptease.

Review: Eve Pearl is one of my favorite Makeup artists. I love everything that she has done and her cosmetics are no exception. This gloss is a wonderful everyday gloss. The gloss is very shiny and has a lot of body to it. It will not slide of your lips. I hate when that happens.  There is a lot of shine to the gloss. In the tube it looks like it has chunky glitter but it really does not. I find it to be more pearlized.  Which gives a brighten look. There is only one thing that I find a little off putting would be the smell. It is a very sweet candy smell. It reminds me of sweet tarts. Any ways it is still a good gloss to use any time. Lip stick or just bare lipped.

Overall: this gloss is worth checking out.  I feel for the amount of gloss you get and the pigmentation alone is worth it. If you can get your hands on it I would.

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