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January 2013



LUSH holiday collection, Father Christmas bath ballistic

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Price: $6.40

Where To Buy: Lush stores, select Macy’s, online at lushusa.com

Packaging: This bath bomb is so cute! I made a large order from the UK site (there were some UK exclusives I was interested in) and this product made the cut. He’s a pink Santa head. If you tried the Satsuma Santa, he’s a new spin on that idea from last year. He’s huge, you could easily divide him in half for two baths as long as you didn’t mind cutting his head in half!


My favorite LUSH product. Hands down. My prior favorite was Honey, I Washed the Kids bar soap and the Big shampoo. This blows them both out of the water. 1st, the color that it turns the water is gorgeous. It’s a luscious, jungle-y, tropical green. The outer pink layer fizzles away to reveal this lush green, while leaving a pink/red fine shimmer on the top of the water. As with all LUSH bath ballistics, it leaves your skin feeling silky and moisturized. The water feels “soft” and “velvety”, somehow. Lastly, the scent is great. It’s like orange Kool-Aid. Not too sweet but definitely a fruity scent with a little more complexity than just a plain synthetic orange.

Fearful for a life without this product, I rushed back to my local LUSH to stock up. I bought 6 more.

Overall, this is bath season and gift-giving season. You owe it to yourself to give this a sniff, if you love luxurious bath experiences.


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