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January 2013



LUSH Holiday collection, Angels Delight bar soap

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Price: $5.95 for 3 oz. Price varies depending on the size you ask them to cut. (What remains in my picture is about the size of a deck of cards and I’d estimate that to be about 2.5 oz, it started as 3 oz.)

Where To Buy: Wherever LUSH is sold. lushusa.com, stand alone stores, select Macy’s.


fruity scent





Packaging: Well, there isn’t a lot to say about the packaging but let’s talk about the appearance of the product. The piece I received was strictly pink, two shades with small, white snowflakes embedded in the soap. There also may be the finest, sheerest pink micro glitter in the soap too. It’s hard to tell. But I love the look of this soap and it makes me happy to see it in my shower.


Review: Previously, I had ranked my number one soap as Honey, I Washed the Kids. It’s great scent, toffee and honey. It’s super creamy and lathers incredibly well. Angels Delight is a close second. Advertised as “a divine spectacularly seasonal soap for Christmas” with “sweetie-smelling tangerine and sweet orange oil”. It’s definitely fruity. It also reminds me of cotton candy or fake strawberry scent. I wouldn’t define it wholly as orange. It smells like candy. It lathers well.


Overall, if I could only choose 1 seasonal soap, this would be my choice. I think I bought all of them, but this is my favorite by a long shot. Here’s hoping they make it a permanent scent!

(from LUSH website)

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