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January 2013



Bobbi Brown – Foundation Brush

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Price: $35

Where to Buy: Bobbi Brown Online, Macys, and Nordstrom

Pros: Soft, Great for Liquids, Easy to use

Cons: Not for creams

Packaging: It looks like your typical foundation brush. It has a light colored wooden handle and soft bristles.

Review: I have always been a fan of Bobbi Brown’s brush. I feel that you get a lot of use of the brushes. I like the foundation brush because it works really well for liquid foundation. You can get an even application with one pass. The bristles are really soft and even after a few washes it does not lose it shape. It also does not shed, which is a plus.  I find that I reaching for it a lot more than any of my other foundation brush if I am looking to use it for a lighter application. I would be careful using it the brush with creams because it can clog up the brush and make it harder to use.

Overall: I really love this brush and it love how easy it makes the application process. I do not feel that it is over priced, even for a luxury brand. If you were looking for a standard foundation brush I would give this one a try. I do not think you are going to be disappointed.  I would only recommend you use it for liquid foundation only.


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