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January 2013



Benjabelle Brush Tree is a MUST HAVE: Photos & Review :)

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Brush Tree
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Hey Lovely Pursebuzzers :)
Today’s featured product is this amazing brush tree from Benjabelle!

Watch my YOUTUBE video showcasing this beauty :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC0-QqhwUxo

Benjabelle is a recent company that started in 2012 by Ben & Jan! They have done an amazing job creating a brush holder for all of us! I put this brush tree to use almost every week! Sometimes, every other day! As a professional make-up artist, I have to clean my brushes all the time, & by using this brush tree, I know for a fact that my brushes will last a long time because they are drying upside down, and water isn’t attacking the bristles & glue that keeps your brushes from shedding. Before this brush tree came along, I used to spend countless hours washing my brushes by the sink, and then having to lay them down to dry. But now, you can be organized & I assure you, your brushes will last a long time as long as you know how to wash them properly & are taking good care of them.

What I love about this tree, is that it fits all of my brushes. As a make-up artist, I use many different lines of brushes, from Sigma, Elaina Badro, Sedona Lace, Urban Decay, Morphe, Crown, Elf, etc. & this tree fits them all! For my thicker sized brushes, I insert one into each hole, & for my skinnier sized brushes, I can insert 3-5 brushes depending on the thickness of each handle! I am truly loving this! Pictured below: I washed 65 of my brushes, & they all fit into the Benjabelle Brush Tree.

 Overall, I definitely recommend this brush tree to anyone who loves to be organized. You can also use this brush tree to display your brushes! Well done Ben & Jan! This is truly a remarkable product! Congrats, I, as well as many others are loving it :)

PROS: durable, fits so many brushes, & worth every penny!
CONS: none! 


PRICING: $34.95



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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