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December 2012



Vera Wang Length Enhancing Mascara Review

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Price: $18.50

Where to Buy: exclusively at Kohl’s.

every day formula, not too dramatic
way too expensive for what it is
not waterproof


I don’t really know too much about Vera Wang. I know she’s a world class designer. She crafts gorgeous gowns for princesses to wear on fairy tale wedding days. She is elegant, simple and classic. This packaging reflects that.


I’m not impressed. I also reviewed the Jordana mascara which runs about $4 (possibly less?) at the drugstore. This mascara is pretty comparable. It’s just an every day, work appropriate mascara.

I have started using a new method with mascara where I wipe the wand first with a tissue to remove excess product. This should make the mascara apply with less clumping and more clear, clean definition. This was clear and defined. But it was still a bit wet, even after using the tissue method. And it wasn’t dramatic enough for my taste. I really like to be able to see a drastic difference when I apply mascara. This isn’t that kind of performer. It’s the “Oops, are we taking pictures?”-subtle mascara. Your lashes just happen to look black and defined. But they aren’t stellar or drastic.

Overall, I would skip this one. If you need a basic mascara for every day, pick one up from the drugstore. Save your big purchases for a showy, dramatic mascara!






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