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December 2012



Kirkland 8 Piece Luxury Collection brush set

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Price: $24.99

Where To Buy: Your local Costco

lots of variety in the brush set

good for beginners but still some interesting brushes even for advanced users


brush lettering isn’t weather or waterproof

the pouch kind of crunches the brushes, not great for travel



These brushes came in a big box. The set was located near the beauty area in my Costco, but on an end cap with the seasonal stuff. It came with a gold brush roll/flap that I immediately lost. It wasn’t anything spectacular and I would have preferred one of the cups that snap together, but that’s just me. Brushes themselves are a champagne gold brushed metal look. They feel substantial in my hand but not so heavy as to be a burden.


Let me just say, one of the first videos I ever remember watching from Pursebuzz was a video recommending this Kirkland brush set. At the time, I had a Costco membership and trotted myself down to Costco to buy the set. Now, years later, those brushes still perform like new and show no signs of slowing down. So that’s why I was so excited to see this new set at Costco as I did some holiday shopping.

The kit includes 8 brushes and a gold/champagne brush roll.

Stand out pieces, in my opinion: the Finishing brush. I use it for liquid foundation and BB cream. It is great at blending the foundation in to a seamless coat and building up the coverage. Also, I love the All Over Eye brush. None of my other eye brushes are this big. This is great at applying a uniform wash of color over the lid. My brushes are dirty in the photo because I have been using them every single day and decided to just snap a picture while I was thinking about it, rather than cleaning and forgetting why they were clean.

This is totally worth the money; just a duo-fiber foundation brush would cost $20 almost anywhere you’d buy. This set is roughly that price and includes other great brushes too.

Overall, I’ve been using this set for about a month and have been impressed with the quality. I know my old Kirkland brush set is old but the quality never fails to impress. I’ve never had to deal with shedding (where my MAC 188 sheds like no other, no matter how careful I am with cleaning it) or worry about it being anything other than super soft. I’d rate the quality as intermediate against other brushes but high against other brushes in this price range. If you’re looking for a beauty item to give, consider this set! It’s a terrific value and worth it’s investment!

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