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November 2012



NARS lipstick in Autumn Leaves Review and Swatches

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Price: $24

Where to Buy: Sephora, Nordstrom, online

sleek packaging

formula isn’t labeled as long-wearing


NARS definitely get the packaging award in my book. I love it’s so simple. Black with white writing. And that suede/velvet feel on the products make it feel super luxe. I’m a huge fan. And though this lipstick is pricey ($24), it is a generous portion. Who ever uses a whole lipstick anyway? I never have.


This lipstick is super smooth feeling and doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry, I would guess that’s the vitamin E infusion. However, the formula doesn’t wear as long as the Pure Matte lipstick or the Velvet Gloss lip pencil. I work long shifts and need a lipstick I don’t need to reapply for hours at a time. This doesn’t fit the bill. And I think it would only help to use a nice lip scrub before applying these darker, more intensely pigmented colors. The color payoff is great but it does accentuate those crevasses in your lips. I don’t find that I need to wear a lip liner, this stays where I need it to stay

The color is a bit weird for me to wear…I find it makes my teeth look yellow, but that might just be my over-critical eye. I do like how it feels when I’m wearing it, so I’d check out another shade from this line.

Overall, it’s a nice formula, but I prefer my lipsticks to be long-wearing and budge-proof, especially for that high-end price tag. But if you don’t mind reapplying, give this one a look. It’s definitely fancy.

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