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October 2012



Wanna go to Moscow with NARS… Nars Pure Matte Lip stick in Moscow

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Price: $25

Where to Buy: Sephora and Nordstrom’s and Nars online

Pros:  Longwearing, Soft texture, not to drying

Cons: color

Packaging: Skinny Lipstick tube. Soft matte color tube (signature Nars Look)

Review: Other than the NARS Lip glosses I have never tried any of the Lipsticks. I also do not like matte lipstick. So this was something out of my comfort zone. First off, I love the packaging. It is sleep with the matte packaging that NARS does. It falls in line with all of the other packaging those NARS products have. It is a slim stick container. It fits in your pockets, clutches, purses and wristlets with easy.  I have to say I am surprise by this formula. It is soft and creamy. It did not feel trying on my lips at all, at any time during the day. I was surprised by the way that my lips look. The look was very velvety and not dry and cakey like some matte lipsticks can look.

Overall: I really like this lipstick it really changes my outlook on matte lipstick. The one thing that I am not a huge fan of is this color. It is a strawberry red color, which is really pretty for this, is not a color that I am drawn to. As far as the formula goes I love it and I now really want to go check out the other colors. I feel that this is going to be a great fall lip color trend.

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