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October 2012



New Dresses for Vegas or a Fun Night Out :D

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Someone did some shopping today 😀

Store: Dear Alice in Mission Valley San Diego

I love this peplum dress. It is perfect for a night out on the town. Notice now the peplum style gives me a little bit of balance so it looks like I have hips and a smaller waist.


This faux leather top and flowy bottom is the perfect combo for a dinner and then a little dancing. LOVE THIS ONE!!! sexy sexy!!


This lace onesie isn’t for everyone but I had to get it. It has a nude underlay that makes the eyes wonder.. “is she or isn’t she wearing something under ??..??”:D   I haven’t decided if I love it or just like it but I picked it up anyway.



I skipped this dress because it does nothing for me. I don’t have any hips or thighs so dresses that are tight without any texture only makes me look like a rectangle. Too bad it wasn’t flowy on the bottom :(



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