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October 2012



Gentle Hydro Cleanser by Clarisonic

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Price: $25 of 6 oz

Where to Buy: http://www.clarisonic.com

Pros: leaves skin feeling clean and fresh

Cons: can feel a little drying

Packaging: White colored squeeze tube. The product is a white cream color. Tube size shown in picture is 1 oz.

Review: This cleanser is very light and gentle on the skin. It did not feel heavy or even greasy on the skin. I love all the ingredients that it has like cucumber, aloe and Japanese green tea. I love it does not really have a lather but there is a little foam that comes from it. I really felt that the cleanser got down and dirty with my skin. I really believe that it helped the residue of my make up come off. The cleanser stayed creamy the whole time and it washed off leaving a cool refreshed feeling. I did notice that once rinsed my face with water and pat dried it, I felt my face a little on the dry side. Yes, it was clean but I needed to instantly to put moisturizer on my face. That might be different for everyone but I guess it is just a caution. I feel that the more I used it the less I felt that happen. Your face might just need time to get used to a cleanser like this.

Overall: I feel if you have normal skin you will like this cleanser. It is not too foamy so people that like foam or cleansers that lather may not like this. I think you are feeling a little frisky you should check it out. For me, it was not a super star product, but I did like the way I skin felt clean.

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