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October 2012



Elixir for the hair? Yes Please!! Using Orofluido Hair Elixir

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Price: $29.99

Where to Buy: Ulta in store and online

Pros: Texture, lightweight, makes hair shinny

Cons: There needs to be a lighter weight version

Packaging: A clear bottle with a pump top. What is picture is a sample size.

Review:  I have been obsessed with hair oils recently and I was excited to try a new one. This oil feels good in texture and does not have a strong smell. It smells almost of a sweet light vanilla. It is not super slick or slippery but has a nice hold to it. I did not feel that it weight my hair down when using it after I washed my hair or even using it after to give it extra shine. I love the versatility of this product. It is not just meant for smoothing before you blow dry or use a heating product. Keep in mind that if you have thin hair you will need to edit how much you use and when you use it. I have thicker hair so my hair loves product and love when it has oil in it. I love use this as a treatment for my hair. This oil is really good if you have damaged hair and need to give it some extra love.

Overall: If you love the hair oil trend that is going on right now, this is something you need to try. It feels good on the hair, does not leave any greasy feel and leaves the hair looking smooth and shinny. I just wish it were sold in more places other than Ulta.

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