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September 2012



Tokyomilk Dark bee balm and jasmine lip balm

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Price: $7

Where To Buy: Sephora or local boutiques


high end but not ridiculously priced
feels rich on my lips without feeling gross
fun and unique packaging, brand


not available in-store at all Sephora’s yet
hard to pick just one
not summer friendly or travel friendly, depending on your climate

I love the packaging. It’s antique and ephemeral in appearance. There isn’t a thing I would change about the packaging.


I saw these reviewed on another beauty blogger’s website and thought they looked awesome. There were such unusual names, like Absinthe, Salted Caramel, Clove Cigarette, etc. But I didn’t want to commit to something ($7 is pricey for a lip balm) without giving it a sniff test. So I waited. Then I just randomly spotted some Tokyomilk hand creme in a small boutique in a trendy neighborhood and asked the cashier if they had more Tokyomilk stuff. Lo and behold, I ended up at a jar of balms with….TESTERS! I purchased 4 of them, Cherry Bourbon (77), Absinthe  (84), Coco Noir (60) and Salted Caramel (36). I gifted 36 to my sister who loved (and currently loves) it. I have been stashing these all over the house. I keep Cherry Bourbon at work (which is why it is unphotographed), Absinthe in my living room and Coco Noir at my bedside table.

I love how intense the product is. Even without a lot of taste (I don’t get sweetness or saltiness from any of them), the fragrance is intense and the flavor is there.  They are also very long lasting. Cherry Bourbon is a cherry scent/flavor but it’s subtle, not like a cherry popcicle. You can also catch the bourbon as an acidic, burning note (that sounds bad but it isn’t). The description is dead-on. It’s not cherry, it’s cherry bourbon. Absinthe is my favorite. I’ve never had the drink and only know of it from pop culture. What I get from this is sugar and anise or black licorice. Usually I hate black licorice but with this, it’s almost a minty refresher on my lips. It’s sweet and fragrant, luxe and old-timey. I just love it. I will definitely repurchase Absinthe, supposing I ever finish the mondo tin. And Coco Noir is a coconutty, chocolate scent. It’s smells very dark and luscious. This is not a fruit or a floral. It’s a dark, heavy scent/flavor. It’s not like any fake chocolate flavoring I’ve ever had before. I find it comforting without being gluttonous.

My only real gripe is that summertime is not this balm’s favorite season. The metal tin is conducive to melting, which is a negative. Can’t leave this in the car or purse.

Overall, I want more of these. At least La Vie en Rose.



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