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September 2012



Get some comfort with MAC… Complete Comfort Cream

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Price: $32

Where to Buy: MAC online and in stores


Pros: Hydrating, Smooth, Lightweight, Great for sensitive

Cons: Not of super dry skin or does not have and SPF option

Packaging: An off white plastic jar with a black lid. The packaging falls in line with the other MAC skin care packaging.

Review: MAC is not known really for their skin care but I feel that they have come up in the market in the last few years. Now, you can buy a moisturizer anywhere and that is fine but I would not count this one out. They have really good foundation so why would they not have a good moisturizer for the face. I really love this moisturizer I feel that this moisturizer is really emollient. The consistency is like pudding. I feel like this is really moisturizing to the skin without feeling oily or greasy. My skin felt really nice and smooth and looked really healthy and hydrated. There is no smell to it, which for a change is nice. This does not leave my skin feeling sticky even after a shower. I have used it for both day and night time routines and I felt the same. During the say I felt it help my makeup stay on and looking dewy. At night, I felt my skin was pampered and really was and taken care of. When you wear this as a daytime moisturizer please remember to wear sunscreen. Use a foundation which SPF or a separate SPF in addition.

Overall: I feel this is something you should check. It feels great on the skin. It really give  a whole new meaning to comfort. It think it is worth a try. You will not be disapointed.


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