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September 2012



FairyDrops Rich Volume, Extra Curl, No Clumps!

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So I decided to check out my local Asian beauty supply because it’d been on my to-do list for literally years and I was in the neighborhood, which is to say, completely not in my own neighborhood. This place has a website and does orders online and I’d like to take a minute and review the company a little bit along with the Fairy Drops mascara.



This is different than the Fairy Drops mascara you can buy at Sephora. This one is mostly in Japanese (therefore I can only be so specific!) and emphasizes “Rich Volume, Extra Curl, No clumps!” and is in fuschia, turquoise and white packaging.



Price: $18.00 (no tax in Oregon)

Where To Buy: Pretty & Cute, in-store or on website


  • thickening
  • lengthening
  • dramatic


  • expensive
  • hard to find



I love the packaging. I think it’s kawaii–it’s super cute. I love the magenta/fuschia tube. I love the drop/globule wand. It’s fun!



It claims to be waterproof, but I haven’t really had a chance to really test it’s waterproof-ness. I don’t usually buy waterproof mascara. I was looking for a lengthening, curl-enhancing mascara and this is it. It makes my lashes look fuller, darker and longer. They don’t look like spider legs. I look like I have a lot of long, dark, full lashes. Not like I’m wearing fake lashes (still looking for that product or combination of products) but a super full look. I would compare this to Dior’s diorshow or Smashbox’s hyperlash, two of my high-end favorites. In short, I love this mascara.


(A short note about Pretty & Cute– The company is based in southern Portland and offers a variety of products online. As a new customer, you receive 10% off that you can use either right then and there or hold on to for another time. As a Yelp user, you can “check-in” to P&C and receive a free gift, in person only. I got a free full-size eyeshadow applicator with the Pretty and Cute logo on it. I was also gifted some samples! I made no mention of a review at any time but to clarify: this was an in-store experience, not an online purchase.

I was very impressed with the quality of this tiny store. In-store, they had a unique feature that I’ve not seen anywhere else–a full bar of trial products. You could basically try anything you wanted in the store at their counter. I was overwhelmed with their customer service, their product availability and their high end quality.  I would definitely make purchases again at P&C and would be interested in their website if I didn’t live in Portland. The storefront is small, just one room, and had boxes out, preparing for online orders but they have 100s of products. There’s a lot packed into a small space. I saw MyBeautyDiary masks being sold individually, all types of lip balm and gloss, tons of fake lashes and the biggest selection of BB creams I’ve seen anywhere. Definitely worth  looking into if you’re interested in the asian beauty trend!)


Overall, I definitely recommend trying to locate this mascara. It’s very luxe, exotic and high-end feeling in packaging as well as performing really well with my lashes!


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