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Sigma Performance Eyes Brush Kit- Photos & Review :)

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Hey Everyone!
Check out this brush kit from Sigma! :) It’s called the Performance Eyes Kit & includes 8 brushes! This brush is for the eyes! These brushes are small, which is a great thing because they are meant to do the detailed work when doing your eye make-up!

There are quite a few unique brushes included in this kit that I’ve never seen before. For example, there are waterline & tight-line specific brushes. While there are some similar brushes on the market, I’ve never seen a company carry a brush specifically for water/tight-lining. If you’re looking for a brush kit that focuses just on eyes, pick this one up!!

brushes included are:
Eye Liner: E11
Tightline Liner: E16
Waterline Liner: E17
Smudge: E21
Blending: E36
Shader/Inner Corner: E46
Shader/Crease: E47
Shader/Lid: E56

My thoughts on each brush:

E11: The Eyeliner brush in this collection is much more tapered than other small eyeliner brushes. I have used Sigma’s Small Eyeliner Brush E10. This brush is great for precise lining of the eyes, or doing detailed work.
E16: Great brush to apply your cream & gel eyeliner products onto your tightline. I find that I don’t use the tightline brush as much, but it’s really only because I rarely wear eyeliner.
E17: This waterline brush us shorter & firmer compared to the tightline brush! This is great for applying gel liner, or even setting your liner with a matte powder. Because of its flat shape, you can easily pat product onto the waterline without worrying about poking yourself in the eye.
E21: Excellent brush, this brush is amazing at smoking out liner or eyeshadow without making a huge mess, & would also be great at adding a defined highlight under the brows.
E36: This would be the brush with the white bristles, one of my favorite blending brushes! It is a small tapered brush, great for the crease area. This is a great brush & good for everyday use!
E46: This is another one of my favorites in the set! It is a great inner corner brush, definitely tapered, & I can actually blend with it too! If you want a pop of color in your tear duct area, this is your must have brush!
E47: This brush is great for applying a darker color in your crease & also blending that color with this brush!
E56: Pretty great shader brush! One of the larger brushes in the kit! This brush is the perfect size for my lids. You can also create your outer v with this brush!

Overall, I think this is a pretty great brush set. The great thing about Sigma is that they are always coming out with different brush sets to suit different people’s needs. If you are someone who likes to get really detailed & creative with your eye makeup, you will definitely love this! However, if you don’t do a lot of intricate eye looks, you probably won’t find much use for this kit.

This brush kit is great to have in general… you never know when you’re going to need a brush with a small head for intricate work!

COST: $55.00

WEBSITE: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=276311

I must add that the quality of Sigma brushed are amazing, & they won’t let you down!

This Months Promotions:

For the month of August, if you purchase $30 or more, you get a free pink E05 Liner Brush! This brush is great to use with gel, cream, or liquid liner to achieve that perfect & flawless eyeliner application you’re looking for !

This offer stands until August 31, 2012! Take advantage & make an order of something you’ve always wanted to buy!

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I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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