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Refreshing Gel Cleanser by Clarisonic

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Price: $25 for 6oz

Where to Buy: http://www.clarisonic.com

Pros: Great for Oily Skin, Sooths the skin and skin feels good after

Cons: can leave a residue on skin

Packaging: Blue squeeze tube. Product inside is a clear gel with a little bit of a purple hue to it. Size shown in picture is 1 oz.

Review: Out of all the cleansers from clarisonic this one is meant for me and I love it. The fruity smell is what drew me in. I love the way that it is visual pleasing to the eye as well. It has a purplish hue to it. It really lathered when I used it on my skin and it stayed lathered. I felt that it really dug deep into my skin and cleared out the gunk in my pores. It felt good on my skin and left it really soft. I did notice that if my skin happened to be oilier one day that it would leave a little residue on my skin but just taking a washcloth and just going over the area would remove it just fine. My face felt really smooth and looked healthier and it gave me a nice glow to the skin. I do not feel like it striped my face of the oil but yet still penetrates and give me the nutrients it needed.

Overall: For the Oilier skinned ladies you need to pick this up. This is worth the money and you get 6 oz of it. You will be hooked on this like I. I am so in love with this cleanser.

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