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July 2012



Physician’s Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio for Brown Eyes

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Price: $10

Where to Buy: drugstores, Ulta


  • inexpensive for what you’re getting
  • great pigmentation
  • smooth formula
  • long wearing


  • um. None!


I love the packaging. The liners are sleek and matched well to other shades that suit this eye color. I love that each pencil has a built-in sharpener that creates a fine, sharp point that still melts easily into the lid.



I really like everything about this product. I’ve used lots of pencils before and usually find them too stiff, unyielding and harsh on my delicate lids. I like it to be sharp yet creamy, pigmented but not liquid/messy and have a variety of colors. I like Urban Decay 24/7 but I find them too soft, I think, where I feel like it’s never a sharp point. I’m constantly having to sharpen and waste product. Maybe the tip isn’t fine enough for me, I think that’s the problem. But these Physician’s Formula liners are great. They have a fine point, they’re soft without being too creamy or mushy and I don’t have to go over my line 5 times (like some other drugstore pencils) . The other issue with Urban Decay, despite loving their philosophy, is that at the end of the day, it’s $20+ for an eyeliner pencil. When you’re out and ready to repurchase, $20 for one color is kind of steep, right?

These pencils are roughly $10 (I got mine at Target for $9.79) and you get THREE. A shimmery whiskey/copper color, a black with purple sparkles and a medium purple (think Make Up For Ever #92). I love black eyeliner and would say it’s my most reached for color but I have been looking for a nice brown that makes those neutral looks appear more neutral (light tan and brown shadows + black liner looks weird to me). So this way, you get a brown, an unexpected black and a fun “going out” color with the purple.

I also find them to be long wearing, lasting through showers, workouts and a fairly physical job, though the color does seem to fade juuuust a bit. Not enough for me to worry about as a daily consumer but maybe if you were testing these for a movie set, you’d want to consider other products. The box advertises 24 hour wear. Who needs 24 hours of wear? After 10-12 hours, my liner looks great. Nearly as great as when I applied it.

Additionally, I found a few minor flaws. The purple seems a bit greasy…you can see from the swatch, it’s an inconsistent performer. I love the color but I do look for consistent swatches. And the black with purple shimmer is just black. You see the purple if you reallllllly look in the swatch but it’s invisible on the eyelid. Are these dealbreakers? No. They’re minor annoyances.


Overall, these liners are great. Considering the price and pitting them against known (high-end) performers, I’d definitely recommend these.


FTC: I purchased these liners with my own money.

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