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July 2012



Clarisonic – Nourishing Care Cleanser

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Price: $25 for 6oz

Where to Buy: http://www.clarisonic.com

Pros: Moisturizing, thick and creamy

Cons: smell, not for normal skin type

Packaging: A peach color squeeze tube. The cleanser is a thick white cream. The size shown in picture is 1oz.

Review: This cleanser is design for normal/dry skin. I really feel like this is more for dry to super dry skin. On my drier days this cleanser felt a little to heavy for me. I do not like the smell of this cleanser. I feel it smells like a cleaning product you would use for your house. It felt really luxurious on my face like I was really giving my face a great treat. It was super thick and creaming. It did lather a little bit but not like the Gel cleanser clarisonic has. It rinsed off really well and left my skin silky and soft. For me I did notice that when I used it in the morning I felt oiler with in an hour. For someone who has dry skin I feel it would just give them a glow. I also feel that this cleanser would work for more mature skin type as well because it has B5 and Green tea … well that is good for all skin! Lol

Overall: I did not like this cleanser for me only because of my skin type. If you have dry to super dry skin this would be the perfect cleanser for you. It feels nice on the skin and it feel it hydrates the skin and gives you a nice glow to the skin. Just be careful if you are on more of the normal skin type that this might be to heavy. Always remember you do need to have a clarisonic to use these products.

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