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June 2012



Youngblood Mineral Foundation Review

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I was trying this foundation for the first time using there Shade Sampler.  I think this a great move for those that have never touched Young Blood products before much less there mineral foundation.  The shade sampler allows you to color match yourself so you don’t purchase the wrong shade.  This also allows you to try out the product a couple of times to see how it reacts with you skin as well as looking at its coverage. The unfortunate thing is that these are only available to there pro users and not to the general public.  This leaves us with going off of the recommendations of there website or finding a location that carries it near you.

My shade sampler came in 4 different shade selections, Soft Beige, Medium, Honey, and Toffee. The unfortunate thing about the sampler is that it doesn’t tell you in what order these shades are, lightest to darkest or even the undertones.  Because of this it took a lot of trial and error.  They have since improved there website to help you better understand where these colors fit in.

My determination of the shades are:

-Soft Beige- lightest shade with golden undertones.

-Medium- Second lightest with pink undertones.

-Honey- Third in line with Neutral to Golden undertones.

-Toffee- Darkest shade with Neutral to Golden undertones.
They have 16 shades in there mineral foundation that range from Pearl which is a Very Fair to Hazelnut and Mahogany which depend on your skin tone.

You can apply these foundations with a kabuki brush, buffing it into your skin.  I did have some difficulty with blending with these foundations.  It seemed the darker the shade got the more trouble I had.

Once blended it leaves your skin with a luminescent finish and provides good coverage.  I would not recommend it for people with Dry Combination to Very Dry Skin, though it is marketed to all skin types.  It does seem to feel very drying and a bit heavy on your face.

Youngblood is Cruelty Free, Fragrance Free, Gluten Free, Nano Free, Oil Free, Paraben Free, Talc Free, and Vegan.  It is also marketed as Water Resistant which I believe it holds up to.

Overall I think this is a good product. I think that they have a good wide range of colors and there website is fabulous for educating you on how to apply it as well as how best to match yourself.  I love the attributes they have with this product as well…***free and ******free.

Retails $42 Available at www.ybskin.com as well as specialty stores and salons.







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