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June 2012



Perfect Weekend Outfit and Spikey Ring Giveaway

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ooohkkkay Dolls!!

Here is my latest fashion  video. It took me about 9 hours to edit and I forgot to eat!!!
So as I am typing this I am stuffing my face with pretzels before I pass out. I just get way into this editing LOL

I hope you like this video and let me know in the comment if you prefer voiceovers or simple music?

Big Hugs!!



Please go here and Heart me on Sole Society http://bit.ly/Kh6gZb
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Just heart me on Sole Society and let me know below (totally free)

Outfit Breakdown
– Shoes: Sheba from Sole Society. Soo comfy
– Jeans: True Religion Disco Crop Nordstroms
– Lip Top: Random Boutique in Irvine
– Necklace: http://elessajade.com/products/elessa-jade-lipstick-necklace
– Ring: http://elessajade.com/products/super-spike-ring
– Fossil Watch: Gift from bf on London Trip
– Diamond Bracelet : From my mom

Make Up Break Down: http://pursebuzz.com/2012/06/sugarpill-heart-breaker-palette-look-green-and-b…

I find that outfits like these are perfect for the weekend. You can go to BBQ, luncheons, and even to a local bar without stressing on what to wear. Tight Sexy Pant and a cute blouse always works out great!



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