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June 2012



Jordana Color Effects Powder Shadow Duo in 10 Twice the Fun (blues!)

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How can you be disappointed for $3?

Price: $3.49

Where to Buy: Walgreen’s, Kmart, Duane Reade, Savemart (link to where to buy)


  • inexpensive
  • widely available
  • lots of color selection
  • not tested on animals


  • could blend a little better


Simple and to the point. No mirror, no brush. No secret compartments. Just two shadows, in two pans. Worth mentioning is their website, where they provide fairly accurate pictures of the products along with a finish legend (P=pearl, M=matte, etc). It’s a nice feature that helps you shop before you actually go and shop!



These are inexpensive shadows and I don’t know if I can compare them to MAC, Inglot or NARS (three brands I use regularly). I’m guessing there’s a reason one is $3 and one is $20. But for $3, I’m totally happy. I created a nice, dramatic look from this duo. I didn’t use primer and found the shadows performed okay, nothing stellar but not horrible. It wasn’t like I had to take it off and start over.

Overall, these are a great starter item for a younger user. The pigmentation does the job. Just don’t expect professional quality–these are good, not the best thing ever. These are an easy way to try a color you wouldn’t normally purchase, either, like a bright cobalt blue! I did intensify the blue with water to create a liner-type look and found that was pretty cool! I also wholeheartedly support the No Animal Testing philosophy so I would definitely give my money to Jordana.





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