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June 2012



Essie Summer 2012: Bikini So Teeny! Review and Swatches

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  • SumoMe

Price: $8

Where to Buy: Walgreen’s, Ulta, wherever essie is sold.


  • high visibility packaging
  • unique color


  • expensive
  • streaky formula


I really like essie’s packaging. The color is visible from any angle. The name sticker is in the same color as the polish. So you can get an idea of what color you’re dealing with from any angle or storage solution! Their brush is pretty good, not too wide and no straggly bristles.


I love the color in the bottle. It is a periwinkle lavender blue with a super super super fine silver microshimmer which is all but invisible on the nail itself. One coat of this (using Butter London’s Foundation as my base coat) looked terrible. It was streaky as heck and was nowhere near opaque. Let the coat dry completely, threw another coat at it and it really evened out. It didn’t look perfect but it looked much better. Then I went for a quick dry top coat (NYC Grand Central Station is a great, affordable quick dry top coat) and did a final coat. This made it totally opaque and totally smooth. It took some work but it did look pretty good! I finished with another coat of top coat, except on my accent nail where I opted for Revlon Whimsical and then a final top coat. I find the color really stands out against my NC20 skin and flatters my nail shape.

Overall, this polish was a little pricey. The cashier at Walgreen’s was like, “You’re spending $8 on a nail polish!?!” (which isn’t too pricey for me, really) But I really like the color, enough to tolerate the exasperating formula. I might also grab the green color (apparently it’s a perfect match for Starbucks green!), Mojito Madness. I can generally take or leave essie but I really think I’ll find myself using this color on both my tips and toes, nearly year round. An unusual but versatile color with a really fun name. Well done!






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