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June 2012



DIY Nail Polish Rack/Stand

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diy nail polish rack stand holder  (10)

Here are the instructions and things we used for the nail polish stand.
The inspiration for this stand was that old game Tower Of Pisa.
This was a really impulsive idea, we just got the idea and rolled with it, because we didn’t really made a plan, nor pictures during the process this might get a little confusing.
So I hope this will make sense

What we used:
-MDF ( that will be the shelf s so the size of it depends on how much shelfs you want and can fit on the MDF.)
-Drainpipe, the diameter I used was 125cm.
-Wood, it must fit 3 circles as big as your shelves and a little bit for in the pipe.
-Perspex ( I’m not sure if that’s the English name for it..)
– IKEA Vika Adils table leg, just remove the black cap at the bottom to fill it.
-Lead, I used one that comes in a roll but anything heavy would work.

-Drill and screws
-Dremel Multitool (Picture) I wasn’t sure how to call that..
-Glue, to glue the shelves onto the pipe
-Kit glue, to fill and ridges

Check the picture if you don’t understand which diameter I mean.
Drain pipe: Height 100cm, Diameter 125mm.
Shelves: Total Diameter: 19cm, Diameter hole 125mm.
Top/Bottom (On Drainpipe): Total Diameter 19cm, Diameter slot around 125mm.
Table Leg: Height: 70cm, Diameter 4cm.
Perspex Ring: Total Diameter: 15,5cm, Diameter hole: 6,5cm.
Foot/Bottom: Total Diameter: 19cm, Diameter hole: 4,5cm.

What we did:
-We drawn out all of the shelves  with a pair of compasses (Again I’m not sure if you would call it that..)
the shelves are a ring shape so the middle is going to be a little bit bigger than your pipe (not to big otherwise the shelf can slide down the pipe, less than a millimeter bigger is good)
The ring is going to be your shelf, that is up to you how big you want it, mine is 3cm (from the pipe to the edge).
-Draw on the wood the same circles. Both the outer and inner circle. So they are going to be the same size.
-Saw the circles out of the MDF with the Dremel multitool, you could use a saw but the circles aren’t going to be as round.
-With the wood you want to saw out the outer circle but carve out the inner circle in only 2 circles! So you have a slot in those circles.
-For the other circle you want to make the circle just as big as the rest but instead of the slot you want to make a circle big enough so it can fit the pipe.(measurements Foot/Bottom)
-Out of the perspex you want to make another ring, a bit smaller than the wooden circles and the middle just as big as the diameter of the table leg.
To make the table leg heavier you stuff the bottom with lead, don’t fill it all the way! you want the bottom to be heavy, not the top.
And put the cap of the leg back on, so the top of the leg (normally attached to the table is going to face to the ground)

So at this point you have:
The shelves (as many as you can fit/want) in the shape of a ring that will fit over your pipe.
The pipe, nothing has been done with that yet.
2 wooden circle with a slot, the pipe fits in the slots.
1 wooden ring, just as big as the other 2 but with a circle that the table leg can fit though (no slot).
A table leg with lead at the bottom.
1 Perspex ring.

-You want to measure where you want the shelves and draw that out on the pipe.
– Glue on the shelves, take your time with this, they need to be straight.
To glue them on all you want to do is apply some glue to the line on the pipe and slide the shelf on, this can be hard to do but if the shelves are to big they won’t stay in place.
Add glue if necessary.diy nail polish rack stand holder  (1)


diy nail polish rack stand holder  (2)


diy nail polish rack stand holder  (3)


diy nail polish rack stand holder  (4)


diy nail polish rack stand holder  (5)


diy nail polish rack stand holder  (6)


diy nail polish rack stand holder  (7)


diy nail polish rack stand holder  (8)


diy nail polish rack stand holder  (9)


diy nail polish rack stand holder  (10)
-Glue the wooden circles with slot to the bottom and top of the drainpipe by putting some glue in the slot and pressing the pipe into the slot.
-Make a small ring out of the wood that will fit in the drainpipe, the middle has to fit over the table leg.
-Place the small wooden ring in the drainpipe so when you place the drainpipe over the table leg the ring will fit over the table leg.

For the bottom part:
-Place the table leg thought the hole of the wooden circle, screw the table leg and the wood together.
-Place the perspex ring on top of the wooden ring.
Don’t glue the perspex, the perspex is going to make your stand spin easier.

When the glue had dried you want to add the kit glue to any spaces between the pipe and shelves.
When the kit glue has dried you can paint it in any color you want.

That’s it, it is a lot of work but in the end it is worth it to me.
I also included some pictures, I hope that will explain everything.
If you have any questions please ask them in the comments

My blog is www.scissornails.blogspot.com


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