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June 2012



California Mango: Mango Magic cuticle oil Review

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Is it worth it to even buy a cuticle oil?

Price: $3.69

Where to Buy: Sally Beauty Supply, Amazon


  • moderate moisturizing
  • applicator brush
  • salon quality



  • moderate scent (I love the scent!)
  • small bottle
  • not widely available


I love the little bottle of Mango Magic. It’s tiny, for one, and I love tiny things! It’s got a mango leaf in it, which I think is a cute, natural touch. It’s a moderately rich oil that you apply just as you would a nail polish. It’s nice you don’t have to risk smearing oil all over.



I think this stuff is worth it’s weight in gold, if you’re looking to get a more salon-quality manicure at home. It has a nice, citrus scent (somewhere between lemon, orange and mango, not too sweet and doesn’t linger) and provides moderate moisturizing to your digits. I say moderate because this isn’t an oil you’d put on cracked heels and expect a miracle. This works well to moisturize your cuticles after using acetone, cuticle remover gel or as a final step in your manicure routine. It adds a professional dimension and keeps your cuticles from looking dry, rough or snaggle-y.


Personally, I think $4 is a steal for this bottle. It’s true, it’s a small bottle, but you only use the tiniest amount with each manicure. You’re not painting it all over your nails, just the outer horseshoe area, where your cuticles can get dry.

It’s a bummer that you can’t get this at every store you go to, but most cities have a Sally’s at least nearby. Sally’s also does online ordering so that’s an option.


Overall,if you’re looking to ramp up your manicures and give yourself an extra step in pampering, this is a cheap way to enhance your manicures for months to come!





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