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June 2012



Beat the Bikini Blues – Have Fun This Summer!

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Image source: AutumnEnglish.com
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Summer is here so you know what that means – BIKINI SEASON!

Image source: AutumnEnglish.com

For many, summer is all about having fun at the beach or the pool – splashing water, laying out under the sun, and really enjoying yourself.

For others, it’s the beginning of “Bikini Blues,” where people start feeling anxious about showcasing their bodies.

Dr. Lyndsay Elliot

Fear not beach-goers. Dr. Lyndsay Elliot, a clinical psychologist and body image expert introduces 5 tips to help fight those blues.

  1. Starting preparing NOW for how you want to feel for the beach. Find a plan that works for you long term – remember, one meal or one day of healthy or unhealthy eating isn’t going to make it or break it.
  2. Get moving! Start some sort of exercise every single day – and focus on how the exercise makes you feel.
  3. Find a swimsuit that you love and flatters your body type. The key is to feel comfortable and confident. Besides, one pieces are totally on trend right now!
  4. Surround yourself with positive friends who are encouraging rather than critical. Motivate each other and don’t get caught up in negativity.
  5. Lastly – enjoy the experience! Know that you’ve been taking care of your body and enjoy it!

Follow her tips and in no time, you’ll feel ready and confident stepping into that bikini!

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